ZombiU 2?


Ubisoft have made little secret of the fact that they’ve been unimpressed with the sales numbers their games generate on the Wii U, so unimpressed in fact the French publisher has openly stated they plan to withdraw much of their support for Nintendo’s current home console until it’s user-base increases significantly, so what many are asking is with Amazon France’s listing of ZombiU 2 for, you’ve guessed it the Wii U?
Stranger still, the retail giant credited Bandai Namco as the game’s publisher instead of Ubisoft before deleting the listing all together as fast as they’d posted it, leaving us all asking, is ZombiU 2 really in the works? Unfortunately both the short answer and long answer to such a question is who knows, perhaps Amazon France simply listed a non existent game by mistake or maybe Ubisoft have had a change of heart, whatever the reason for the listing we’re unlikely to know the truth until either Nintendo, Ubisoft or Bandai Namco decide to enlighten us.

ZombiU 2

2 thoughts on “ZombiU 2?

  1. A weird news story indeed. Perhaps with Wii U sales improving thanks to the recent releases and the upcoming Xmas season they have changed their mind? I’m surprised that they didn’t make a Zombie U for other systems if they were that disappointed with the sales figures.

    1. If it were in the make for another platform surely Ubisoft wouldn’t call it Zombie U2, would they?

      One of the more interesting rumours I’ve heard actually is that Nintendo might have paid Ubisoft for the Zombie U IP and are now paying Bandai Namco to develop the sequel but I do find that a little hard to believe.

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