Ninja Vanish.


The 3DS has a sizeable library of great games as I’m sure you’re aware but I wonder, can you name me the one 3DS game currently fetching up to £60 (or $100) on eBay? If you answered Cubic Ninja give yourself a pat on the back, your ahead of the curve, if you didn’t listen up. Late last week news broke that the 3DS had finally been hacked and soon all manner of homebrew software along with a way to disable the system’s much despised region lock feature would be available to all, well all who have access to a copy of AQ Interactive’s Cubic Ninja at least and a special QR code.
Immediately following the news Nintendo removed Cubic Ninja from the eShop in an attempt to hamper would be hacker efforts, however as the game is widely available pre-owned the move is unlikely to deter the determined.

Ninja Vanish.

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