Sega 3D.


Sega have revealed that a second wave of 3D Classics’ are coming to the 3DS early next year. Joining the 8 games already available to download, 5 titles will be released each, Sega claims, replicating the full arcade experience, right down to the mechanical sounds of the arcade machines themselves but with the addition of all new modes, options, 3D effects and original music tracks. Each of the new 3D Classics will set you back either $5.99, €4.99 or £4.49 depending on where you download them from and have been fully listed below.
3D After Burner II.
3D Fantasy Zone.
3D Fantasy Zone II.
3D OutRun.
3D Thunder Blade.

Sega 3D

6 thoughts on “Sega 3D.

  1. That’s great news that the second round of games is releasing outside of Japan. It’s also great that they focused entirely on arcade games this time. The super scaler games work really well with the 3D effect, and, unlike Genesis games, most of these haven’t seen ports or rereleases on other platforms yet.

    1. I agree, the 3D effect should indeed be far more prominent in this line-up then it was in the original. Personally it’s Out Run I’m most looking forward to seeing out of the lot of them.

  2. Afterburner, Outrun and Thunderblade do strike me as games that would work well with 3D effects.

    1. First time out Sega most certainly didn’t make much of a noise about the 3D classics but with this batch I think the 3D effect is better and Sega are a little more willing to shout about that.

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