XBox Slim?


It’s no secret Microsoft have already employed a number of tactics in the never ending struggle to increase sales of the XOne, both price cuts and bundle offers for instance have been implemented however there may yet be a third ploy in the pipeline, a very slim ploy.
The rumour goes a little something like this; a senior manager at AMD has let slip that the chip manufacturer are currently working on reducing the manufacturing cost of the XBox One with the use of smaller, cheaper components which will in turn mean smaller, cheaper XBox One units. When we’ll actually see these, cheap XOnes the rumour didn’t specific but as almost all consoles these days eventually trim down at some point it’s safe to take this rumour at face value.

XBox Slim



    1. Well the slim PS3 ended the whole yellow light of death fiasco as did the remodel 360 so I expect the same level of quality in regards to the PS4 and XOne slims.

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