Pre-downloads Coming To Nintendo.


Nintendo have confirmed that Super Smash Bros. will be the first game available for pre-download later this November. The feature which is already available on the XOne and PS4 has been strangely absent on Nintendo platforms and while Nintendo wouldn’t be drawn on why it’s taken so long to be implemented President Satoru Iwata did say he hopes both 3DS and Wii U owners would take advantage of the feature. In other Smash news Nintendo have apparently decided to move the European release of the game forward one week to November 28th as opposed to December 5th which was originally planned. No reason for the change was given.

Pre-downloads Coming To Nintendo.



    1. Apparently it’s a fiddly feature to implement, don’t know why that would be but Nintendo have stated technical issues delayed pre-downloading on both the Wii U and 3DS and I’m assuming the same is true for Sony and the Vita. I’m sure we’ll see it added sooner or later though.

      1. At the very least I don’t know why once midnight strikes why new games don’t appear on the EU PSN store. I’m no programmer, but it doesn’t strike me as something hard to achieve. Instead you have to wait for them to update the store later in the day.

      2. I think it has something to do with the gentleman’s agreement Sony, Nintendo and the like have had with retailers for years. Games aren’t uploaded too early and as such retail orders more physical stock and holds off (some of them) on selling said games before their official street release.

        In this day and age it really is a nonsense though as I like many others get nearly every game ordered from the likes of Shopto at least a day early so why maintain the charade?

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