Captain Toad European Treasure Tracker.


While the Wii U owners of Japan ready themselves for November 13th and those State side do the same in anticipation of December 5th, European Wii U owners have to hold on for a little longer to see the arrival of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker which has finally been dated for release January 9th. Along with the game’s release date Nintendo also revealed that Toadette, a pink capped toad, who made her debut appearance in Mario Kart Double Dash, will also be playable alongside Captain Toad himself, why not check out the pair in action in the latest trailer.

Captain Toad European Treasure Tracker.

8 thoughts on “Captain Toad European Treasure Tracker.

    1. I think it would have sold a lot better before Christmas then it will after, it just seems to have more of a Christmas vibe to me then a new years one.

    1. According to nintendolife its single player only. A bit of a missed opportunity on Nintendo’s part if you ask me, especially when the Wii U controller has been used for co-op before. Apart form that though the game does look great.

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