Official Nintendo Magazine Falls Away.


The decline of print media in regards to the games industry has concerned me for many years now and today that decline continued with news that Official Nintendo Magazine (the UK equivalent of Nintendo Power for our American readers), will shut it’s doors for good this November. No particular reason for the closure was given by publisher Future however, a statement on the magazine official page (here) tries to reassure Nintendo fans that Nintendo will continue to speak directly to them via Nintendo Direct, a bitter sweet consolation. The loss of Official Nintendo Magazine now means that there is not a single, nation wide publication dedicated to Nintendo and the future of print media looking bleaker than ever before.

Official Nintendo Magazine Falls Away.

2 thoughts on “Official Nintendo Magazine Falls Away.

  1. It’s sad to see so many long running magazines die out. Print Media is certainly struggling in this digital age and I can’t imagine the sales were good given that the Wii U has struggled in the UK market.

    1. No question the Wii U’s failings almost certainly sped up ONM’s demise but it was inevitable either way. Print media in the Uk and, from what I can tell the States has been on it’s death bed for some time now and I do worry that without it there will be even more uninformed gamers then we already have.

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