Windows 10.


When it comes to number progression no one will ever accuse Microsoft of being predictable, after all the XBox went from 360 to One and now Windows is going from 8 all the way up 10 with the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system.
Launching towards the end of next year, Windows 10 is said to take it’s cues from Windows 7 as opposed to 8 with both the start menu and taskbar taking center stage once again, although the “tile” interface will also be available should you prefer. Away from menus Microsoft also confirmed that Windows 10 will be the most customizable of any Windows ever while also being far more effective at multi-tasking than ever before. Expect to hear plenty more about Windows 10 over the coming months.

Windows 10.

2 thoughts on “Windows 10.

  1. I wonder where Windows 9 went. Perhaps it was the recently cancelled project Titan 🙂

    1. Apparently Microsoft chose Windows 10 instead of Windows 9 because they felt only one number away from 8 just wasn’t a number enough. Perhaps they would have been better off going for Windows XP 2?

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