Project Scissors.


For a fare few gamers it was the Resident Evil series which kicked off the horror genre on console but there were other scary games before Capcom’s effort
and one of the more fondly remembered of these is the Clock Tower series, originally a point-and-click for the SNES which featured a house full of little girls and some very messed up monsters. One of the game’s stand out nasties was a fiend known as the stalker, a giant scissors welding creep who pursued the player relentlessly throughout the game and it seems, has inspired a spiritual successor to Clock Tower in the form of a game dubbed Project Scissors for the PS Vita.
Little about Project Scissors is actually known yet but the man who created the first two Clock Tower titles, Hifumi Kouno, is heading up the project and has already stated his desire to recreate the feel of his previous work with the aid of Masahiro Ito (environment designer on the Silent Hill series) and Takashi Shimizu (director of the Ju-On films) who are also on board. That’s all we know for now but expect to hear more about Project Scissors over the next few months.

Project Scissors.


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