Final Fantasy TGS.


Square Enix almost always have things to shout about whenever TGS rolls around but this year they seem to be shouting a little louder than usual and nearly exclusively in regards to the Final Fantasy series confirming, not just a release date for Final Fantasy Type-0 on the PS4 and XOne (March 17th, 19th and 20th in North America, Japan and Europe respectively), but also that Final Fantasy Type-0 will come packaged with a download code for a Final Fantasy 15 demo, the very same demo Square Enix wowed the fans with at this year’s TGS.
Away from the next gen console scene, Square Enix also had Final Fantasy offerings for both PC and PS Vita owners at this year, in the form of two further ports. The first is a port of Final Fantasy 13, which is set to become available through Steam next month, with 13-2 and Lightning Returns eventually following, while PS Vita players can look forward to Final Fantasy Agito, a smart phone title which Square Enix released in Japan last year and will now re-release under the name Final Fantasy Agito+ but as of writing only in Japan. All in all if you’re a Final Fantasy fan, this year’s TGS was a good one for you however if your not a fan of spikey hair and big swords Square Enix showed little to get excited for.

Final Fantasy TGS.

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