DLC, DLC and More DLC.


Koei Tecmo have revealed their plans for Hyrule Warriors going forward and those plans feature a lot of DLC. Beginning this September and continuing all the way through until February, Koei Tecmo will be bringing not fewer than 5 DLC packs to the eShop, the first free of change while the other 4 can be pre-order for either $19.99 or €14.99 depending on where you live, with Tecmo to reveal individual price points closer to the pack release. Details on each of the packs can be found below.

Hyrule Warriors Characters (Free, September 30) – Three new playable characters (Cia, Volga, Wizzro).

Master Quest Pack (October 16) – New weapon, scenario, adventure map, and two costumes.

Twilight Princess Pack (November) – New character, weapon, adventure map, and two costumes.

Majora’s Mask Pack (January) – Two new characters, adventure map, and three costumes.

Boss Pack (February) – Two new games modes.

DLC, DLC and More DLC.



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