Microsoft Dig Deep For Mojang.


As was widely reported last week, Microsoft have tied up a deal to acquire Mojang, the studio behind Minecraft for a cool 2.5 billion. The deal will now see, first and foremost, all merchandising revenue related to Minecraft heading straight to Microsoft’s bank account while simultaneously ensuring any and all future Mojang IPs, including the inevitable Minecraft 2 will be released exclusively on Microsoft platforms.
Despite the dazzling Mojang acquisition yesterday was not an exclusive good news day for Microsoft. Shortly after the Mojang announcement broke word trickled down that the man behind Minecraft, the game’s creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson wouldn’t be sticking around to help this new Microsoft/Mojang relationship but instead would quit the company he founded immediately and take off with the lion’s share of the 2.5 billion received in the buyout and who can blame him. All eyes will now turn to Microsoft to see what the Windows maker now does with one of the most popular games today.

Microsoft Dig Deep For Mojang.

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