Capcom Refute Monster Hunter U.


Last week a number of gaming sites began reporting that the 3DS exclusive, Monster Hunter 4 would at some point be ported over to the Wii U much in the way Monster Hunter 3 was ported to both the 3DS and Wii U last year. Yuri Arauj, a Capcom community rep, has flat out denied any such port is in the pipeline.
“It’s a mistake (and) we’re working on a proper message to diffuse it, so we should have something more public and official out soon.”
The Monster Hunter U rumour began after a poster for the game was pictured featuring both 3DS and Wii U logos.

Capcom Refute Monster Hunter U.

4 thoughts on “Capcom Refute Monster Hunter U.

  1. Capcom doesn’t want money?! I seriously know loads of People that absolutely would love a Wii U version of Monster Hunter. The Monster Hunter on Wii was popular as hell and was the best Non-Nintendo Multiplayer game out of the ones i played.

    1. Perhaps Capcom are just being honest here and there really isn’t any Wii U port in the pipeline but then again maybe they’re only denying a port because if they were to confirm it, it would hurt potential sales of the 3DS version which hasn’t been released outside of Japan yet. That’s just my personal opinion mind you.

  2. They probably want people to buy the 3DS version now and the Wii U one later rather than wait for the Wii U edition.

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