The Fate Of Final Fantasy?


Success both critically and commercially has proven harder and harder to come by for the Final Fantasy series and unless that trend changes, according to Hajime Tabata, the long running RPG series and console gaming in general will suffer. Talking with Kotaku, Final Fantasy XV co-director Hajime Tabata outlined his ambition to make Final Fantasy XV the kind of game gamers can sit in front of the television and get lost in for hours at a time, however he fears the way the industry, in Japan at least, is headed will mean nobody wants to.
“It’s pretty unique to Japan, where everyone is transporting – they have long train rides and bus rides to work, they have time to play handheld devices, or they’re spending more time in their own rooms vs. spending more time in the living room, so in terms of whether console games will be received well moving forward, it’s not to say that I don’t have any concerns at all, but I believe that it’ll really depend on how Final Fantasy XV does. See I really want more people to enjoy games in the living room, on a big screen. If Final Fantasy XV doesn’t do well, perhaps there’s not much of a future for console games. It kind of really depends on how that goes.”
So there you have it, this could really be the last big budget Final Fantasy we ever get but while I understand Mr. Tabata’s concerns with the way the gaming industry is going I’d advise both Mr. Tabata and Square Enix to worry less about people playing games in their rooms and more about making great games, after all what was the last great Final Fantasy you played?

The Fate OF Final Fantasy

2 thoughts on “The Fate Of Final Fantasy?

  1. They don’t need to break the bank to make a good FF game. They should just go back to using more cartoony graphics so they can focus development more on gameplay.

    As for Japan’s gaming trends who cares? If a title isn’t a hit in Japan, but does gangbusters in the rest of the world their profit margin would be healthier than the other way round.

    1. If you ask me the whole Tabata interview was a bit of a smoke screen when given the fact that the quality of what Square Enix produce has been in decline for years, Lightning Returns is proof enough of that and yet Square Enix refuse to take any ownership in this decline but instead blame all their woes on market trends and long train journeys. It’s far simpler then that in reality and goes something like this. When you make good games people buy them, well most of the time anyway and that’s what Square Enix need to do, they need to make their brand and their games mean something again and they can only do that by adding quality not ever more expensive graphics. Do that and they’ll succeed all over the world including Japan.

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