Pokken Is Coming.


Earlier this year rumours were rife that Nintendo working on a brand new kind of Pokemon game, a Pokemon fighting game no less. After strong initial reports the rumours died down and remained that way until yesterday, when The Pokemon Company revealed that Pokken was indeed very real and coming next year. Developed at Bandai Namco by Tekken’s long time director Katushiro Harada and SoulCalibur’s main programmer Masaaki Hoshino, Pokken Tournament will see a roster of Pokemon facing of against one another in the vein of Tekken, hence the name Pokken. Which Pokemon and how many we’ll actually get to fight as? Bandai Namco are remaining tight lipped about that for now, though Lucario and Machamp feature in the game’s debut trailer which you can see here and snap shots of Blaziken have already been leaked so those three are safe bets (if hitmonlee and hitmonchan ain’t in there somewhere I’ll eat a Pokemon trainer’s hat). As of writing Pokken Tournament is scheduled for a 2015 release across the arcades of Japan but yet to be confirmed for the Wii U, something I’m sure all Wii U owners will be hoping changes very soon.

Pokken Is Coming.



    1. I’m with you, It’ll come to the Wii U no question and I can even see a fair few of the arcade cabinets making their way out of Japan as well. I’m looking forward to it.

      1. How was the arcade situation in your country/area/region? I think there was a big writeup in the Verge before about the state of American Arcades. Japan’s arcades are at least still going alive and well. I wonder what the situation in other territories, like in Europe and in parts of Asia.

      2. In England the arcade died out around the same time as the dinosaurs did with Tekken Tag Tournament probably being the last widely distributed cabinet. There are still a few arcades here and there if you look hard enough but the cabinets on offer in most are mostly dated ones, Killer Instinct Gold and the like and that really is a shame because we here in the UK have missed out on a lot of good games.

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