PlayStation TV.


Sony have outlined their plans in regards to the launch of their mini streaming box PlayStation TV. We now know that the new console, which itself is capable of playing some 1,300 games from the PS Vita, PSP and PS1’s back catalogues as well as the option to stream PS4 titles from one console to the other, will launch across North America on October 14th and exactly one month later in Europe priced at £85, €99 and $99 depending on where you are. Sony also confirmed that PlayStation TV will come per=loaded with 3 digital games but would not yet confirm what these 3 games will be.

PlayStation TV.



    1. Yeah I’m picking one up as well to play Vita games on the big screen, something I missed out on with the PSP as I only ever owned the launch model which couldn’t connect to the TV. I might as well get some use out of the remote play feature but mainly I’ll be using PlayStation TV for Vita games.

    1. I think if you’ve yet to invest in a Vita then PS TV is almost a must buy given the sizeable library available to it. As for the people, like myself who have already picked up a Vita, we’ll be snapping up PS TV to complement both the hardware and software we already own. I personally can’t wait to play Persona Golden and Freedom Wars on the big screen.

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