Battlefield Free.


A fair few companies have been offering “play for free” promotions as of late and here’s yet another from EA, one whole week’s worth of play time with Battlefield 4.
That’s right, beginning August 7th and running until August 14th, Origin members new and existing will be able to download Battlefield 4 and play it for 7 days or 168 hour. Here is were things get interesting though, you don’t actually have to play Battlefield 4 between the 7th and the 14th, just download it, your free 7 days play session will then begin whenever you choose to play Battlefield 4 for the first time, convenient. Alongside the free 7 day run of Battlefield 4 users of Origin will also find Wing Commander 3 Heart of the Tiger currently going free on Origin so that when your done taking out human shaped enemies you can move on to spaceship shaped ones absolutely free of charge.


3 thoughts on “Battlefield Free.

    1. I think their trying to get people to join Origin as well, all this free stuff equals new members which in turn means more potential customers to advertise to.

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