Captain Toad Hangs Back.


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker has been delayed according to Nintendo. The quirky little platformer staring everyone’s favourite fungus was originally planned to lunch worldwide by the year’s end however European Wii U owners will now find they have to wait until January 2015 before any treasure tracking action comes their way. Meanwhile both North American and Japanese gamers should find Captain Toad Treasure Tracker in store in time for this Christmas.

Captain Toad Hangs Back.



    1. I think in looks really interesting. I was personally a little disappointed with Mario in 3D world’s lack of innovation but this looks very refreshing indeed.

      1. I love that Peach and Toad were in 3D World, though I prefer Toad with a red hat. I also love co-op. Still, I know what you mean. Overall, the world maps/ designs just weren’t memorable. It lacked the feel of a Mario Bros. 3 or a Mario World.

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