Hyrule Warriors Blowout.


Hyrule Warriors has been shaping up nicely over the last few months and Tecmo Koei have been keen to show such progression off with a series of trailers which not only reveal fresh insight into how the game plays but who you’ll be playing as, with the likes of Link, Fi and Princess Zelda to name but a few already outed. But wait, what if you’ve missed some of these character trailers, however will you know who’s been revealed? Well fear not because Tecmo Koei have you covered with a new trailer featuring all of them in one place right here, enjoy.

Hyrule Warriors Blowout.



  1. I wasn’t too interested in Hyrule Warriors at first, the concept just didn’t grab me but the effort Tecmo Koei are clearly putting in has changed my mind entirely. Can’t wait.

  2. I love one of the feature trailers where they showed most of the characters. I am really excited as to the way they incorporate Zelda elements into the Warriors style of gameplay

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