It’s been a long time coming but yesterday it finally arrived, id officially unveiled Doom 4 only it’s not actually called Doom 4, just Doom according to id’s Executive Producer Marty Stratton, who revealed that the forth instalment of the Doom series would be going back to the game’s roots both in terms of location in the series timeline (new Doom is a reboot) and gameplay with a renewed focus on fast paced, run and gun action. Mr. Stratton also went on to promise that this Doom would rely heavily on melee combat and a double-jump/jet pack mechanic. A short cinematic trailer for the game was released soon after it’s announcement however gameplay footage from QuakeCon 2014 has yet to surface. Attendees to the event have liken this new Doom, in spirit at least, to the mod Brutal Doom and in art direction to Doom 3. Doom will be heading to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime in the not too distant future.


3 thoughts on “DOOM.

  1. I don’t know about this. First person melee combat and jumping isn’t my thing. I gave up on Dead Island very quickly for example.

    1. The jumping sounds like a bad idea to me, never liked jumping in an FPS nor am I a big close combat fan but maybe id will pull it off.

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