A New Challenger Approaches.


Not one or two but three new fighters have been confirmed to be joining the Super Smash Bros. roster courtesy of the game’s official site. Captain Falcon of F-Zero will be returning to the brawl yet again and this time he’ll be joined by newcomers Lucina and Robin (who is available in both male and female flavours) from Fire Emblem Awakening as well as Chrom from the same game in the form of an Assist Trophy.. All three playable characters and Chrom can be seen facing off against one an other in a new trailer here but that’s not all the Super Smash Bros. news I have for you today, oh no, there’s more as series creator Masahiro Sakura has also revealed that Ubisoft’s Rayman will for the first time ever be included in the game as a basic trophy and one which you can see below, shame he isn’t a playable character though.

A New Challenger Approaches.

5 thoughts on “A New Challenger Approaches.

  1. It’s seems like such a waste to get the Rayman licence just for a trophy. As a Fire Emblem fan I am happy with this announcement, although I think there were better characters to choose from than Robin.

    1. I was very surprised to see Robin’s inclusion, so many other Fire Emblem characters I’d have like to see but oh well. As for Rayman well, it would have been great to see him in the game properly but maybe we’ll get an amiibo one day which will do exactly that.

  2. I like to agree with Sakurai’s reasoning as to why Chrom was not included – mainly because even though he’s a cool character, there are already swordsmen in the game.

    Lucina – well, I believe most of those “it looks like a Marth” clone on Twitter have not played the latest Fire Emblem game.

    1. I don’t mind that Chrome not in there really, he wasn’t one of my favorite characters from Awakening but neither was Robin. Personally I’d have like to have seen (spoilers coming up for those who haven’t played it) Lon’qu, Panne, Cherche, Say’ri or Aversa included but that’s just me, everyone has their own favorites.

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