The Price Of Amiibo?


If Nintendo are to be believed the next big money maker for the company will be Amiibo, a number of Nintendo themed statuettes which when collected will interact in a variety of novel ways with games like Mario Kart 8 and Mario Party 10, but how much exactly could these Amiibo thingies make the big N? Well price wise Nintendo remained tight lipped on how much an Amiibo figure will sell for but if ShopTo‘s stab in the dark at pricing is anything to go by Nintendo’s forth coming figurines will cost around £12.85 or about $21.00 each.
At that price ShopTo‘s estimate seems a little steep to me (the price of 3 Amiibo figures for instance is about a pound under that of a brand new Wii U game and eight more than something like The Wonderful 101 or Sonic Lost World) however a quick search for Skylanders figures indicates the newest of these (dubbed Swap Force) cost £14.99 ($25.50) suggesting that, should Nintendo indeed come in at a £12.00 price point they’ll actually be undercutting the market leader. We’ll know one way or another when Amiibo launches later this year.

The Price Of Amiibo

4 thoughts on “The Price Of Amiibo?

  1. Considering how complicated these things are supposed to be the price might actually be what they are worth, although that doesn’t mean people will want to pay those prices.

    1. If they added a few characters to say the roster of Smash, I would be inclined to buy a few of these Amiibo even at that price. Otherwise I think I’ll hold off on buying them right away and wait till they come down a bit.

  2. I like the design of the figures. Good thing that I don’t own a Wii U or might start collecting them and using financial reserves I don’t have.

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