Satoru Iwata Remains Top.


Despite the fact that things remain far from rosy over at Nintendo yesterday during the company’s Annual Shareholders Meeting the Nintendo board of directors voted to re-elected Satoru Iwata to his post as president of the company for another year.
The decision will come as a big relief to Mr. Iwata who has been unwell as of late as it was suggested by many before the vote that this year the board were seriously considering ending his rein, however in spite of poor financial returns a 77.3 percent approval rating from investors, the heads of Nintendo remain confident Satoru Iwata is the man to turn things around. Time will tell how well placed or otherwise this confidence is.

Satoru Iwata Remains Top.

4 thoughts on “Satoru Iwata Remains Top.

  1. To be fair, Nintendo has been doing very well lately. Although there has been a few little things that people didn’t like the Good far outweighs the bad. I’m looking forward to most of their new games.

    1. I’m looking forward to a fair few Wii U titles as well (Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Shovel Knight and Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem) but just because Nintendo had a decent E3 and we’ve got Mario Kart to play doesn’t mean Nintendo are out of the woods just yet. Third party support remains dire, there are less then 10 games scheduled for release from now until October and in order to increase Wii U output Nintendo have had to cut back on 3DS support. So while indeed Nintendo are doing better, Iwata still as it all to do I think if he truly wants to secure his long term future.

  2. Other companies would be more ruthless so hopefully he can reward their loyalty by turning things around. Since E3/Mario Kart things appear to be a bit more positive. Not sure what his health issues are, but I hope he gets better.

    1. I too hope health-wise he gets well soon and agree Nintendo did right by sticking with him but there are still a lot of things to set right before Mr. Iwata can begin to relax.

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