Capcom Ready To Sell.


Its been no secret that, monetarily at least, Capcom have been struggling for some time now and nothing, including rebooting classic franchisees with a Western flavour and a move towards mobile gaming have really helped, so what to do next? Well yesterday the company’s shareholders gave us a big clue when they voted to no longer block any potential takeover bids which come in in the future. Capcom had since 2008 been actively deterring any and all takeover offers but this move will now see any company with enough spare capital able to make Capcom their own, but who if anyone is that likely to be? According to all those investment and corporate strategy experts who lurk the boards of GameFAQs and the like (cough), Nintendo are well and truly in the mix as are Sony, Microsoft, Square Enix and Namco Bandai to name but a few.

Capcom Ready To Sell.

2 thoughts on “Capcom Ready To Sell.

  1. They would be a good acquisition for Nintendo, given that a lot of third parties are avoid the Wii U. Having the big name Capcom franchises only appear on Nintendo machines could attract a lot of new customers.

    1. It would be huge for Nintendo if they could get Capcom and not only because it would add a lot of potential exclusives to the Wii U and 3DS but because it would also increase significantly the number of Amiibo characters available to Nintendo, a fact I think they might find very appealing.

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