E3 2014 Wrap Up.

E3 2014

E3 is done and dusted for another year and all involved seemed to have gone away pleased with themselves and the wares on show. In the cold light of day how did everything actually stack up? Let’s wrap up E3.

E3 has never been the greatest showcase when it comes to the PC, probably because unlike the consoles nobody stands on stage to tell us just how great the platform is
and that didn’t change this year but games like Batman Arkham Knight, No Man’s Sky, The Witcher 3, Grand Theft Auto V and Rainbow Six Siege clearly showed third party-wise the PC can stand shoulder to shoulder with any other platform while exclusives in the form of Skyforge, The Sims 4 and Civilization Beyond Earth shows there are a healthy amount of PC only titles in the works too.
Best PC Game: Civilization Beyond Earth.
E3 2014 was a massive improvement on Microsoft’s 2013 showing due in no small part to the Windows maker’s renewed focus on the games above all else and the XBox One certainly has some real gems on the way with titles like Sunset Overdrive, Fable Legends, Mortal Kombat XCuphead and Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain shaping up nicely, however the real show stoppers, the likes of Halo 5 Guardians, Phantom Dust, Crackdown 3 and Scalebound are still so far away they could only be shown in short meaning that although most XBox One owners walked away from E3 both satisfied with what they’d seen and what was to come but those not already invested in the XOne probably haven’t been hit with a feeling of urgency to tade up yet.
Best XBox One Game: Sunset Overdrive.
This E3 turned out to be an odd one for Sony in the end, their press conference failed to hit as many high notes as last year but avoided falling flat thanks to games like The Order 1886, LittleBigPlanet 3, Far Cry 4 and Dead Island 2 and some real surprise announcements like that of Grim Fandango. Where Sony well and truly dropped the ball was with the PS Vita which looks as if it’s been demoted from stand alone handheld to expensive Playstation 4 peripheral, an oversight by Sony made all the more baffling when you consider titles like Freedom Wars and Oreshika Tainted Blood were at the show. So in the end E3 2014 proved a mixed bag for Sony fans with those owning Vitas feeling let down and forgotten while those who own a PS4 found the likes of BloodBorne and Uncharted reinforcing their decision to invest in the system.
Best Playstation 4 Game: BloodBorne.
Best PS Vita Game: Freedom Wars.

Ask most Nintendo fans and they’ll tell you that the Wii U had its best E3 to date and few would argue such a fact given appearances from Bayonetta, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Super Smash Bros. and a brand new Zelda which stole the show, however Nintendo found this year’s E3, like Sony, a somewhat divisive one as the big N chose to shift focus away from the 3DS in favour of the Wii U leaving many 3DS owners unhappy at the lack of in-house software now heading to the handheld. Nintendo also suffered a little by the unconventional way they chose to release information during this E3 as games like Project Guard, Project Giant Robot and Devil’s Third didn’t get the kind of coverage say, Captain Toad did. All that aside though Nintendo and its fans left E3 pleased not only with the way Nintendo handled E3 over all but with the fact that there’s finally a new Star Fox in the works.
Best Wii UGame: Super Smash Bros. U.
Best 3DS Game: Code Name S.T.E.A.M.

Best Game E3 2014.
There were a lot of games at this year’s E3 but it has been suggested that not many of them were capable of “blowing you away,” whether that’s down to too many of them having been leaked or fully revealed before the actual show I can’t say but what I can say is our pick here at ArcadePoP didn’t need the element of surprise to stand out nor either did it need the stamp of exclusivity to earn it a fan base. Hands down The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt stood on its on merits of being not only a beautifully crafted game but one that, should it deliver on its ambitions will be a definitive game this gen, and I don’t mean so far, I mean from beginning to end. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is E3 2014’s Best Game.

E3 2014 Wrap Up.

2 thoughts on “E3 2014 Wrap Up.

  1. I am a 3ds owner but I am satisfied with Nintendo’s E3. Since they are technically in trouble with the Wii U, I think it made sense focusing on that and that alone on their main presser.

    1. Your 100% correct, Nintendo did indeed need to focus on the Wii U so rightfully that’s what they did however, I think 3DS owners have gotten use to getting lots of big name titles and although this E3 had some of those it was far less then most 3DS owners have come to expect. Still nobody should go away from this E3 too unhappy, even Vita fans had some very nice titles at the show just not many of them

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