E3 2014 Nintendo Press Event.

E3 2014

Nintendo don’t do E3 in the same way Sony or Microsoft do, their “E3 Event” doesn’t feature an audience, anyone on stage or even an a specific venue but what it did feature this years was a fair few games.

Much like Microsoft’s conference Nintendo choose to focus almost entirely on games, bar a few comic skits thrown in for good measure and the first game we got a look at was Super Smash Bros. U which now allows players to play as their favourite Miis as well as take advantage of Nintendo’s take on Skylanders dubbed Amiibo. Following the toys came footage of Yoshi’s Woolly World and a brand new platformer called Captain Toad Treasure Tracker which looked a little like Super Mario 3D World. Up next for our viewing pleasure came something real big, Zelda development boss Eiji Aonuma took to our screens to give us a brief glimpse of Zelda U which he hinted would be an open world adventurer and would be released sometime next year.

Given the unenviable job of following a new Zelda was Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire which we were shown in gameplay form for the fist time. Bayonetta 2 was next and the welcome news that the original Bayonetta will be packaged with the sequel meaning two games for the price of one. Hyrule Warriors took centre stage, quickly followed by Nintendo’s take of a competitive shooter in the form of a new IP dubbed Splatoon where players spray one another with ink.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, a sequel to the DS game Kirby’s Canvas Curse was the next title to be shown however Kirby’s latest outing was quickly over shadowed by X or to give it its full name Xenoblade Chronicles X. Mario Maker and the news that Palutena of Kid Icarus fame will be joining Smash just about closed out Nintendo’s E3 Event before a few seconds of Shigeru Miyamoto playing a mysterious game (Star Fox) appeared and disappeared just as quickly.

And that was that, or was it? Well for Nintendo’s actual E3 event yes, like Microsoft and Sony before them Nintendo gave us a by the numbers showing, some interesting looking titles and some promising exclusives but nothing, not even Zelda, which blew the house down. After the event we did get some more news mind you, a Star Fox title for the Wii U is indeed in the works and Tomonobu Itagaki is bringing his long awaited action game Devil’s Third to the Wii U exclusively. We need to remember though that we’re not here to judge what happens after the event but the event itself and said event was much like the other two, competent. Nothing more, nothing less.


E3 2014 Nintendo Press Event.


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