Mario What?


With E3 so very close now websites and forums the world over are finding themselves snowed under with stories and topics claiming to expose insider information in regards to what Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have in store for us next week. While many of these “leaks” fail the sniff test utterly, one image (below) apparently shows a number of Nintendo kiosks all ready for Nintendo’s E3 event and all running a game call Mario Maker. What Mario Maker actually is proves difficult to gauge from the blurry shot however if the consensus found around the net proves corrected, Mario Maker is a new Mario title for either the Wii U and or 3DS that will allow players to create and edit their own 8bit Mario stages from scratch. Whatever Mario Maker turns out to be, we’ll know next week.

Mario What

3 thoughts on “Mario What?

  1. Make your own levels? Sounds like a 2D Little Big Planet. Not something I would be interested in, as I am not very creative. I prefer to play stages as opposed to designing them.

    1. It sounds very Little Big Planet to me too and I can see it going down real well with Nintendo’s core fan base for sure. How well it’ll do at enticing non Mario fans however is another story.

  2. Yeah, I have no game design skills either. But this could be a good idea for Nintendo. No doubt it will catch on with some who will post videos of their wacky levels all over the internet.

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