Farewell PSP.


Sony have confirmed that all shipments of the PSP to the console’s homeland of Japan will cease completely by this month’s end. The handheld which was originally released in 2004 hasn’t been restocked in the States since January of this year and will no longer be shipped to Europe come 2015, the handheld will however continue to be supplied to a number of emerging markets worldwide. With the production of the PSP and all its incarnations now nearly in complete decline Sony will hopefully begin throwing it’s full weight behind the struggling PS Vita. It remains to be seen whether even with such a push the criminally underutilized handheld will ever be able to reach the 80 or so million units sold by its predecessor.

Farewell PSP.

2 thoughts on “Farewell PSP.

  1. Shame to see it go, especially as I hear it was still selling in Japan. I guess the Vita could be doing better although right now it is my main gaming device. People said the PSP didn’t do well either, but 80 million sales sounds very impressive.

    1. The PSP did very well salewise if you ask me but Sony needed to put it to bed simply for the Vita’s sake. That little handheld not only needs but deserves more attention from its creator and without the PSP around hopefully it’ll start getting it.

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