CVG, Edge Online And More Feel The Axe.


Every aspect of the games industry appears to be in decline, the consoles of this gen have sold slower than those of the last, AAA games in recent years have cost more to make but sold less copies upon release and every major games company I can think of seems to be sinking deeper into the red year in year out.
O.K so maybe things aren’t as bad as all that (depends who you ask really) but one area of the games industry which is clearly struggling is the media side of things, especially in the UK where a number of major gaming site, if reports are to be believed, are heading for closure. The claims have come straight out of the offices of Future, the publisher behind outlets such as Edge, GamesRadar, PC Gamer, and CVG who for some time now have been feeling the pinch and are now looking to streamline business with, you guessed it, closures and jobs cuts. Around 170 staff now face the loss of their jobs while CVG, Edge Online, and the websites of Official PlayStation, Official Xbox and Official Nintendo magazines will all be closed down in the near future, leaving the mainstream gaming media in the UK?
Well badly wounded would be the kindest assessment but mortally might be more accurate as many more publications both electric and print are in time likely to meet a similar fate and there appears little which can be done to turn the tide now. Still as they say, with the closing of a door comes the opening of a window and if there is any small silver lining to the dark clouds over Future Publishing is that the decline of the established is likely to send at least some of those seeking reviews, news and everything else gaming towards blogs and sites like your truly, The Otaku Judge, The Verbal Spew Review, What’s Your Tag?, Play Legit, Drakulus and The Sun Rising Blog to name but a few of my preferred.

CVG, Edge Online And More Feel The Axe.

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