GameCube Controllers All Round.


Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai has described it as the best way to play the much loved Nintendo brawler and now it seems future Super Smash Bros. U players will also get their chance to beat Mario and co. black and blue with the aid of the GameCube controller thanks to a handy little adapter. Featuring a simple four controller ports design the GameCube controller adapter will connect to the Wii U via the console’s front two USB ports allowing both wired and wireless Cube pads to be used while playing Smash Bros. U. Nintendo meanwhile are remaining tight lipped on whether or not other titles could eventually take advantage of the adapter or if the adapter’s release will finally see the Mario factory bringing its back catalogue of GameCube titles to the Virtual console.

GameCube Controllers All Round.

3 thoughts on “GameCube Controllers All Round.

  1. Are GC controllers still officially sold by Nintendo? I’m not sure I would want to cough up cash for an adaptor that might not be used by any other titles.

    1. No they are not so I’m guessing Nintendo will have to begin producing them again sooner or later, repackaged for the Wii U no doubt. Whether or not I myself end up buying one (I still have 3 or 4 Cube controllers sitting around the house) will really depend on the price, colour and how many games end up being compatible.

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