Metro Redux.


Did you get a chance to play either of the Metro (2033 or Last Light) titles last gen? Decent sales and solid reviews suggests many of you did but that hasn’t stopped Deep Silver from confirming that both the FPS’ are to be re-released this summer on the PS4, XOne and PC. Dubbed Metro Redux, the survival horrors will be, according to Deep Silver “true director’s cut” featuring vastly improved visuals (particularly in the case of Metro 2033), new and improved gameplay features, new content, reworked cutscenes and all of the original game’s DLC. If you did miss Metro the first time around and want to make amends you could always go out and pick up both games fairly cheaply on the PC, 360 or PS3 or garb yourself a copy of Redux which will be available as a compilation disc for $49.99 or each individually $24.99 each. Check out the trailer and see what you think.

Metro Redux.

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