Kinect-less Xbox One Cometh.


They said from day one they wouldn’t but if Microsoft has proven anything this gen it’s that their minds are always up for being changed, case in point, the Windows creators have confirmed that from June 9th Xbox One will become available without Kinect lowering the cost of the console from $499/£425 to $399/£349 and bringing it in line with the PS4. Whether the move will see more people drawn to the XOne remains to be seen but with Kinect no longer a necessity it is more and more likely that many developers will go back to ignoring it all together as they did on the 360.

Kinect-less Xbox One Cometh.

4 thoughts on “Kinect-less Xbox One Cometh.

  1. I don’t trust M$. I’m too afraid to buy xbox one. I don’t want to pay for a Kinect and then have nothing to do with it (like my 360 Kinect). Kinect might just end up in the discount bin with the xbox 360 HD DVD drive. And if MS offers xbox one without Kinect shame on them for sticking early buyers with hardware that will then likely fizzle without required support for the device.

    But I’m still more afraid of rules that MS might force on xbox one owners down the road; like they almost did at launch.
    I’m sure it’s going to be a very cool gaming system but so is the PS4 and I feel much more comfortable with my PS4.

    1. Kinect will indeed go the way of the HD DVD drive no question but I don’t really think Microsoft have the stomach to even attempt all that DRM garbage again, well not for awhile at least.
      I do however get what your saying about the PS4 and agree completely. If your in the market for a new console the Playstation 4 looks like the way to go simply because both the XOne and Wii U are priced too high for what they offer in my opinion.
      But don’t get me wrong, at some point I will own all three just as I did last gen and the gen before that but the XOne, as things stand will be the last I shell out for.

  2. Another u-turn from Microsoft. On the plus side they are finally delivering what the consumer wants. Hopefully the Kinect will vanish because no one likes it.

    1. Yeah I predict this is indeed the final nail in the Kinect coffin and it hasn’t come a moment too soon. Maybe Microsoft will allow Rare to work on something half interesting now, a Battletoads revival perhaps?

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