Nintendo Figurine Platform.


Do you know what Skylanders are? Most of you reading this will indeed but for those who are either falling behind the times, lacking in kids or simply not watching enough Cartoon Network where the things are always being advertised, Skylanders are a collection of figures (think Monster in My Pocket if you remember those) which possess, courtesy of near field communication technology, the ability to share information between one another and any other bit of software or hardware hard coded to do so.
The best way I’ve heard them described is as physical DLC. You first buy a Skylanders’ game and figure, you play that awhile before getting board and then go out and buy a few more Skylanders figures with each opening up new areas of your game, unlocking extra content or adding playable characters. They’re big money makers these Skylanders and as such everyone would like a slice of their pie and that includes Nintendo who, despite already having a go at this NFC lark with Pokemon Rumble U are trying it again. This time it’s called the Nintendo Figurine Platform and according to Nintendo a number of games and figures based on classic Nintendo franchises will be released for both the Wii U and 3DS from toward the end of this year. No other details beyond the figures existence were given but president of Nintendo Satoru Iwata himself commented that he hoped the Nintendo Figurine Platform could go on to become a pillar of the company providing “Exposure for Nintendo, play a great role in raising our brand awareness and create more opportunities for consumers to play video games.”

Nintendo Figurine Platform.

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2 thoughts on “Nintendo Figurine Platform.

  1. Skylanders has been huge, but with Disney and now Nintendo copying their business model I fear consumers are going to start getting tired of these collectible figures.

  2. As long as Skylanders keep their standards high and don’t try to supplement innovation with gimmicks I see no reason why the franchise can’t be as long lived as the likes of Pokemon. I do however wonder if Nintendo will really be able to out Skylanders Skylanders’, they certainly didn’t with Pokemon Rumble.

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