No New Nintendo Hardware Just Yet.


Over the course of the week a number of gaming sites have been claiming that Nintendo are gearing up to unveil either; a brand new gaming platform or console redesigns during their forth coming June 10th event, the company’s answer to this year’s E3.
The rumour itself came about when IGN journalist Peer Schneider mentioned several sources had told him that Nintendo would unveil new hardware at this year’s LA show, however the rumour only really grew legs when gaming site VideoGamer backed up Schneider’s claims with the announcement that they too had heard the same. All of that speculation (well most of it anyway) ended today when Nintendo of Europe uncharacteristically decided to comment on the rumour and shot in down by categorically denying any hardware reveal would take place during this year’s E3. While anyone holding out for a new Nintendo console will undoubtedly be disappointed to learn that this rumour is just that, they shouldn’t be surprised, after all Sega showed many years ago that abandoning even a struggling platform as they did the Saturn only leads to disenchantment and many other problems down the road. Nintendo’s gonna stick with Wii U folks and that’s that.

No New Nintendo Hardware Just Yet.



  1. I think they denied the rumor because if people think a new console/redesign is coming customers won’t want to buy the existing product. We shall have to wait until E3. Nintendo do like making new versions of their hardware. Just because the European branch doesn’t know what the head office is planning means nothing.

    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head here I think. It would indeed be suicide for Nintendo to tease new hardware right now with Mario Kart 8, the great hope of the Wii U only being a couple of weeks away however, I also can’t see anyone who does shell out for a Wii U this month being all too pleased should Nintendo announce anything bar games at E3. We’ll know one way or another soon enough I guess.

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