Return To Area 51?


Back in 2009 Warner Bros. acquired the majority of Midway’s assets as the publisher went out of business in a deal worth around $49 million, however since then the American media giant has done little with what it brought bar a new Mortal Kombat game. This could all be about to change mind you if an “intent-to-use trademark” uncovered by a NeoGAF member turns out to be the real deal, a sequel or reboot to the first-person shooter Blacksite Area 51 could be just around the corner. Why Warner Bros. would actually want to breath fresh life into what was little more then an average FPS on the PC, PS3 and 360 is another question altogether but it’s their IP to do so with I guess.

Return To Area 51



    1. Back when Goldeneye and Perfect Dark were the big FPS’ I was a big FPS fan, nowadays though I’m not so much as Call of Duty and the like just don’t interest me all that much.

      1. Oh boy, I was in love with Perfect Dark haha. I remember playing it with friends for
        hours. It’s a true classic that makes me nostalgic.

      2. I spent most of my teenage years playing Perfect Dark and Goldeneye with friends, oh and Mario Kart 64 whenever we felt like a change of pace. Those were Good times indeed.

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