The Great Ace Attorney.


Capcom have revealed that a brand new Ace Attorney title is heading to the 3DS, this time round however players won’t find themselves righting wrong in the present but Japan’s past. Set during the Meiji period of Japan (1868 – 1912) The Great Ace Attorney will tell the story of Phoenix Wright’s distant ancestor Ryuunosuke Naruhodo who himself harbours dreams of becoming a great attorney.
Beyond that Capcom are remaining tight lipped regarding The Great Ace Attorney however they have released a short trailer to wet the whistle so to speak, see it here.

The Great Ace Attorney.

2 thoughts on “The Great Ace Attorney.

  1. An unexpected direction to take the series. It will be interesting to see what wacky cases they do in that time period.

    1. I’d have preferred a boxed release of Dual Destinies or a localisation of Miles Edgeworth 2 but it’ll be interesting to see where Capcom are taking the Ace Attorney series non the less.

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