Kadokawa Tie Up From Software.


In an unexpected move Tokyo based outfit Kadokawa Shoten have acquired around 80% of the Dark Souls and Armoured Core developer From Software, seizing control of the company completely. The deal will now see Kadokawa Shoten (who are best known for publishing the mangas Neon Genesis Evangelion, Martian Successor Nadesico, Lucky Star and Highschool of the Dead) decide how best to utilize From Software with early reports suggesting they intend to use the developers to create brand new IPs aimed at a Western audience.

Kadokawa Tie Up From Software.

2 thoughts on “Kadokawa Tie Up From Software.

  1. I recognize their logo from Demon Gaze, which I am currently playing. Hmmm perhaps they can make a Dark Souls style game in the Highschool of the Dead universe? I can forgive the difficulty of constantly dying to the undead if there are boobs to enjoy 🙂

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