Going, Going, Sold…Square Enix.


The relationship between Sony and Square (Enix) had been (for a time at least) one of the most mutually beneficial ever seen within the games industry, not only did it lead to some of the best Final Fantasy titles ever being released exclusively on one Sony platform or an other but even saw Sony themselves become Square Enix’s third largest shareholder for more than ten years.
Things change with time however and earlier this week so did Sony’s investor status in the Dragon Quest publisher with the sale of all Square Enix stock held by Sony to one of Japan’s leading financial security companies SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. for around ¥15.3 billion or $150 million, a deal which, for the foreseeable future at least will probably prove neither here nor there for Square Enix themselves but help in Sony’s chief executive Kaz Hirai’s campaign to reduce the corporation’s losses which are predicted to currently be around the billion mark.

Going, Going, Sold...Square Enix.

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