Amazon Fire TV.


Rumours have been rife for awhile now that Amazon, the world famous online retailer would be making it’s own inroads into the entertainment streaming, app gaming market and today those rumours were confirmed with the unveiling of Amazon Fire TV. Much like Apple TV Amazon Fire TV will allow users to stream films, TV shows, music, games and a truck load of apps right to their televisions, and that’s about it. Amazon Fire TV is a capable little media streaming box that does a lot of things a lot of other boxes already do but with the added value the Amazon brand brings. If you’re in the market for such a thing (and your in the U.S) Amazon Fire TV will set you back $99.99 without a controller (they’re sold separately at $40 a pop) and can be bought right now this very minute.

Amazon Fire TV.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Fire TV.

  1. I don’t steam much online outside of anime so I mainly use Crunchyroll. I have however watched a few TV shows through Sky’s on demand service and I can’t see Amazon convincing me to change that with the Fire TV.

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