Square Enix Returns To The Tried And Tested.


The last generation wasn’t the best for many Square Enix fans who found their favourite JRPG creators seemingly moving away from what had made the company what it is today. The forth coming generation however might just see a reversal in this trend as Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda told Nikkei Trendy that the company want to focus more heavily on JRPGs and their core audience in the future.
“If you focus too much on the global aspect, you might lose sight of who you’re actually making the game for. As for the AAA titles we’re currently developing for series, we basically want to go back to their roots and focus on the core audience, while working hard on content that can have fans say things like ‘this is the Hitman, we know’ I believe that is the best way for our development studios to display their strengths.”
Mr. Matsuda went on to state that it had been the international success of Bravely Default which has lead to this change in strategy and he hoped that all Square Enix’s games from now on will look towards Bravely Default the inspiration.

Square Enix Returns To The Treated And Tested.

One thought on “Square Enix Returns To The Tried And Tested.

  1. So it took good sales of a traditional JRPG to finally convince them to do what fans have been telling them for years.

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