Capcom Hit By Hard Times Yet Again.


Capcom have been bleeding money for some time but last year the makers of the Street Fighter series boldly outlined their plans to turn things around by focusing far more heavily on the lucrative mobile market. A few months on however and things aren’t looking a whole lot better for the masters of Megaman who have halved their annual net profit forecast from 6.8 billion yen (£39.8m/$66.1m) to 3.3 billion yen (£19.3m/$32.1m). Capcom blamed much of the loss on “business structural improvement expenses” and the fact that the mobile sector had “yet to start producing benefits” but a sheer lack of quality titles has also taken it’s toll on Capcom’s bottom line. Amid the doom and gloom there was a single shining light for Capcom however with the 3DS game Monster Hunter 4 and the pachislo title Monster Hunter Gekka Raimei performing above expectations.

Capcom Hit By Hard Times Yet Again.

2 thoughts on “Capcom Hit By Hard Times Yet Again.

  1. So many companies seem to be focusing on mobile although I don’t see why. Sure the development costs are lower, but the Apps are cheap to buy so I can’t imagine there is much income to be made.

  2. Some companies may have indeed hit it big with mobile apps but most don’t, the whole situation kind of reminds me of Call of Duty. Call of Duty makes bucket loads of money and so bucket loads of companies release Call of Duty clones, non of which in the end do all that well and yet said companies try again and again. It’s desperate at best and sad at worst and it pains me to see Capcom falling into the same trap.

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