Killer Instinct Finds A New Handler.


Following the unexpected purchase of Double Helix Games by Amazon earlier this year Microsoft found that they suddenly needed to find a new developer to take charge of the Killer Instinct franchise and with the obvious choice, Rare, far too busy with the likes of Kinect Sports the developers behind Divekick Iron Galaxy Studios have instead been handed the reins. The Chicago-based outfit who have in the past worked for Capcom on the likes of Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online, Darkstalkers Resurrection and Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara will now pick up where Double Helix left off with the joining of Fulgore to the game’s roster this April 9th. Iron Galaxy Studios’ CEO Dave Lang has already expressed his excitement at working on the Killer Instinct series as well as commenting that it’s “”Probably the biggest thing Iron Galaxy have ever done.”

Killer Instinct Finds A New Handler.


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