Bravely Moving On?


3DS owners have really taken Bravely Default to their hearts with the game not only selling well on the handheld but receiving almost universal praise from gamers and critics alike however, in a recent interview with CVG Silicon Studio (creators of Bravely) president Takehiko Terada revealed that in the future the Bravely Default series might appear on other platforms beside the 3DS.
“We may expand in the future but we don’t have a clear plan as yet. We’re talking about though, maybe using other devices, but we don’t have a clear plan.”
So there you have it, Mr. Terada’s comments may be a little vague perhaps but given Bravely Default’s huge popular and the fact that it is owned by Square Enix, a publish well known to have milked the odd franchise or two in the past I would be massively surprised if we didn’t see a Bravely Default hitting both mobiles and home consoles at some point. The Wii U could certainly use one.

Bravely Moving On

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