Masahiro Sakurai A Not So Secret PS4 Fan.


While it maybe true gamers dedicated to one platform over another dislike said platform’s rivals actual games developers often admire other consoles and what different machines are capable of. Case in point, Kirby creator Masahiro Sakurai this week wrote in his regular Famitsu column  that not only did he not “care for faction wars like Nintendo versus Sony” but that he thought the PS4 looked pretty “good”.
“PlayStation 4 is good-looking, the DualShock 4 is light and using it feels good, Remote Play can reliably handle even action games, and the network functionality is well done. The machine power is another attractive factor, there is no loss of detail in the image, and it looks so natural and spontaneous that you often forget that you’re playing a game. It’s a good thing if creators can make stylish games without putting in a ton of time on that. I hope that a masterpiece will come with bells tolling. This is definitely not a period that will leave us without the possibility of playing rich games.” High praise indeed from Mr. Sakurai and maybe there’s a message in there to. It should always be about the games first and the console, handheld or PC running that’s running them second not the other way around.

Masahiro Sakurai A Not So Secret PS4 Fan.



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