The Witcher Slips Into 2015.


Gamers looking for to the much anticipated return of Geralt of Rivia later this year will be saddened to learn that developer’s CD Projekt RED have decided to push The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt back until  February 2015. In a short statement the developers apologized for the delay but insisted that the time would be used to ensure that the Witcher 3 will be up to the standards the fans have come to expect from the Witcher series.

The Witcher Slips Into 2015.



  1. I actually just covered this the other day :]. I would rather wait and have a polished game then get it rushed out and have it be all glitchy like all the games last year were.

  2. Both Witcher games are great, the first ones a little dated now sure but having recently replayed it I can say without hesitation both are worth a play through. As for the Wild Hunt’s delay well, I’d sooner it was held back and released polished then rushed out the door and buggy as hell just as drakulus said.

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