OnLive On The Way Back.


When OnLive launched a few years back the game streaming service did so on a wave of hype which quickly turned sour. Despite this misfortune OnLive aren’t quite yet ready to throw in the towel and plan to relaunch the service, this time with Steam as partners. So what has OnLive got to offer this time? Much the same as they did the last time to be honest, for £9.99 or $14.99 a month  subscribers will be able to play a game on their home PC before continuing where they left off remotely on a range of devices, including those on which said game is not normally supported such as laptops, Macs, Android consoles, or even TVs with the OnLive Game System. Add to that the CloudLift service which allows users to link their existing Steam game library to their OnLive account and sharing cloud saves between the two and you’ve go a competent if uninspiring service, one which they have to build on if they hope to justify the monthly fee.

OnLive On The Way Back.

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