Not So Free To Play.


The world of the free to play game or app can be one heck of a muddled one more often than not, and that largely comes down to the fact that the word “free” often only really applies to the initial download and very little more there after meaning. Should you want to make any real progress in your chosen game you’ll probably have to pay to unlock one thing or another. All that could be about to change shortly however as yesterday the European Commission revealed they had numerous concerns regarding the term “free to play”.
“Misleading consumers is clearly the wrong business model and also goes against the spirit of EU rules on consumer protection.” Said EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding before adding. “The European Commission will expect very concrete answers from the app industry to the concerns raised by citizens and national consumer organisations.”
Put simply, should the EU get their way the term “free to play” could soon be attached only to games and apps which are completely free, a welcome move I’m sure all those not raking in cash from extra  Phoenix Downs, zombies busting plants or gems will agree.

Not So Free To Play.

2 thoughts on “Not So Free To Play.

  1. The EU vs greedy gaming companies. It’s so much fun watching two things I hate battle each other.

    1. Although I’d have imagined the EU would have bigger worries on their plates (the Ukraine and the like) it is nice to see someone at least threatening action against an industry which, at best is misleading customers and at worse straight up ripping them off.

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