Shenmue Slipping Away.


For far too many years now a dwindling group of fans (of which I consider myself one) have been hoping against hope that Sega would finally do something, anything with the criminally overlooked Shenmue series, and while all sorts of rumours have popped up across the net (Microsoft are planning to buy the franchise, Sage are working on Shenmue 3DS title, Yu Suzuki wants to finish the story in manga ect.) during these dark times the status of the much loved Dreamcast classic has remained largely unchanged. In the US however that all changed this week as the United States Patent and Trademark Office confirmed that Sega’s trademark the the title Shenmue had been cancelled. Now before anyone gets too distraught let me stress Sega can, and have in the past reapplied for cancelled trademarks so it’s not like they’ve lost the rights to Shenmue or anything however, in allowing the trademark to be cancelled it does indicate that the company ain’t thinking about the series in any meaningful way, something that’s likely to sadden fans just as deeply. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a forklift race I’m late for.

Shenmue Slipping Away.

2 thoughts on “Shenmue Slipping Away.

  1. Perhaps I will buy the trademark for my Duck racing game were you compete against big sailors.

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