Sonic Set To Run Riot?


Recently Sonic fans have found that, should they want to take their favourite blue hog for a jog they’d need either a Wii U or 3DS as a deal between Sega and Nintendo has seen Sonic racing exclusively around hardware labelled with an N. Said deal does have an eventual end however and if a promotional flyer spotted at a German toy convention is to be believed, a new Sonic game will be racing onto not only the Wii U but the Playstation 4 and XBox One next year.
For those who can’t wait quite that long the flyer went on to highlight that Sonic Boom, Sonic’s brand new CG animated cartoon series will be airing on Cartoon Network later this year.

Sonic Set To Run Riot

2 thoughts on “Sonic Set To Run Riot?

  1. I’m not surprised. Sega are tightening their belt when it comes to money so it doesn’t make sense to limit their best selling character to a console that is struggling sales wise.

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