Nintendo Outlines The Future.


Yesterday was a big day for Nintendo but not because of some major title or new console launch oh no, yesterday was a big day because the company’s President Satoru Iwata finally addressed the company’s investors regarding the issues surrounding the Mario factory alongside what Mr. Iwata plans to do about them. This “Corporate Management Policy Briefing” was, to say the least a long-winded affair so I won’t be boring you with each and every word uttered but what I will do is go through each of  President Iwata’s key announcements starting with…

1) Pay cuts. Yes that’s right pay cuts, both Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto will be taking voluntary pay cuts of 50% and 30% respectively as recompense for Nintendo’s short comings but…

2) There won’t be any price cutting of the Wii U itself.

3) There will be a new firmware update this Summer that will introduce a new ‘fast start-up menu” which will allow you launch games almost immediately upon start-up, games like…

4) Mario Kart 8 which Mr. Iwata proudly revealed will be released worldwide on the Wii U this May or…

5) DS Games which will be added to the Virtual Console at some point this year.

6) Away from the Wii U Nintendo confirmed plans to start licensing out their characters a lot more, developing some sort of apps for mobile devices and at some point in the distant future the creation of hardware which will… monitor your health?

All in all President Iwata’s speech failed to really change the perception that Nintendo are in any way about to turn things around, in fact shares in the company continued to fall after his speech with investors sighting the company’s clear lack of diction as the main reason behind the fall.
If you’d like a more in-depth look at exactly what was said at the Corporate Management Policy Briefing head over to and decide for yourself whether Iwata’s done enough or not.

Nintendo Outlines The Future.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Outlines The Future.

    1. And that won’t change until the games library bulks up significantly. I’m one of the few in the UK to have actually bought the Wii U and I like Nintendo’s new console alot but and I speak from experience, it badly needs more AAA games, alot more.

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